From the Executive Director

Leadership in a religious community does not simply happen. It requires a good combination of individual and collaborative work and prayer. Often, though, the reality of leaders tends toward a greater focus on work rather than prayer. Are there ways for us to change this dynamic? One way is to provide time for significant prayer during council meetings, prayer that permeates our meetings, especially when discerning a course of action. When we are discussing a personnel matter, do we take time to pray for those we are discussing? When we are examining our financial situation and developing budgets, do we consider that the process is not only a financial exercise, but a moral one? We are stewards of the funds that we have. Our use of them needs to reflect not only sound business practice, but moral choices for the common good.

November is the month of remembrance of the faithful departed. For most religious communities, the leaders and community members of the past brought us to where we are today. Some of their decisions were good ones and some were not. All of them we can learn from, though. Usually, it is custom in religious communities of men to make a special remembrance of departed brothers during this month. Please take time to be prayerful remembrance of those who have gone before you as leaders whether living or deceased. 

We at CMSM have two leadership formation events happening over the next few months, our Winter Leadership Gathering in late January and our New Leader Workshop in early March. There is more information below about them. We hope that you will be able to join us.

In prayerful solidarity,

Frank Donio, SAC
Executive Director

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