CMSM Wellness Webinar Archive

Wellness and Self-Care for Leaders of Religious Institutes

Effective leadership of religious institutes demands balance and integrity in the life of the leader. In this webinar, David Shellenberger of St. John Vianney Center will review the supports leaders need–and deserve–to effectively care for themselves

Speaker: David Shellenberger

Addictions, Mental Health, and Lifestyle Management

The leadership team from Guest House will review the various patterns of behavior that can interfere with the healthy functioning of a religious. Process and chemical addictions, as well as the co-occurrence of depression and anxiety that often accompany addictions, will be explored along with effective strategies to minimize the effects of these behaviors.

Speaker: Stephen Anderson

Healthy Boundaries for Leaders of Religious Institutes

Join Fr. Stephan Kappler, the President and Chief Psychology of Southdown Institute, in a wide-ranging dialogue that address the myriad challenges leaders face in managing conflict, ensuring balanced decision-making, embracing equity in fraternal relations, practicing accountability and co-responsibility with members, and maintaining healthy personal boundaries within the leadership role and environment. Come away with some practical suggestions toward strengthening your leadership skills and your understanding and commitment to self-care

Speaker: Fr. Stephan Kappler

Wellness and Spirituality for Leaders of Religious Institutes

What is the spirituality of religious leadership? Join Fr. David Songy, OFM Cap., President and CEO of the Saint Luke Institute, as to explore the nuances of understanding and cultivating a leadership spirituality. Unpack the challenge to cultivate and embrace a charism-specific leadership style as an essential reality of practicing healthy leadership in Religious Communities.

Speaker: Fr. David Songy, OFM Cap

Wellness and Community Life for Leaders of Religious Institutes

How do I care for myself and for my decades-long fraternal relationships with my brothers whilst shouldering the leadership burden? How do I balance my own fraternal needs with the needs of the community I serve? Join Join Dan Kidd, Executive Director of the Shalom Center, and Louis Velazquez, for a dialogue focused on the challenge major superiors experience as they exercise their authoritative leadership role within the bounds of fraternal communion.

Speakers: Daniel Kidd and Louis Velazquez