CMSM JPIC Practice and Resources

CMSM identifies and shares best practices, resources, and actions around JPIC priorities, and holds events and webinars. Our resources to support justice, peace, and integrity of creation (JPIC) efforts include:

In 2020, CMSM held a JPIC National Gathering (moved online due to the pandemic). See the presentations here.

Additional Resources


JPIC Roma is a joint commission of the Union of Superiors General (men religious) and International Union of Superiors General (women religious), and is  responsible internationally for “animating men and women religious in justice, peace and integrity of creation according to the vows of the evangelical life, through experience, social analysis, spiritual reflection and action.” JPIC Roma offers context for JPIC work, and its website has key links and resources.

Build a Culture of JPIC through Prayer and Liturgy

  • Use the homily resources prepared by members of the CMSM JP community and others
  • Draft petitions and prayers for use at liturgy, or morning or evening prayer.  The Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Education for Justice is one resource (membership fee; extensive resources).
  • Assemble a display in the church narthex or gathering space of simple images and facts about a social justice position consistent with the Gospels. Focus on a current urgent issue, such as immigration or human trafficking.
  • Address key issues in homilies
  • Organize a special Mass to pray for JP issues
  • Organize a prayer service (in person or online) around a JPIC theme, such as this  from the Archdiocese of Dublin: “Prayer Service for Justice in Our World” (Word doc)

Create an Internal Structure to Advocate for JPIC

These are examples from or for member religious institutes to help guide  justice and peace ministry. You are welcome to use the texts and adjust them as needed for your own institute.

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