For the past two years, the pandemic has caused immense pain and uncertainty. Lives were abruptly upended without any sense of when they would return to normal. Our struggles have been present in our own religious communities, in our ministries, and to all whom we serve. Despite all this, we can now see a future where the pandemic becomes endemic. This possibly brings hope and the need to prepare for the challenges of our re-opened, but now changed, lives.

The CMSM Post-Pandemic Working Group has created a resource for leaders in this area. Dr. Emily Cash of the Saint Luke Institute has written a booklet on how leaders of religious institutes can support psychological and spiritual health. Download the PDF version of the resource here.

In March 2022, this resource was mailed to all CMSM ordinary members and provides a model leaders can use to facilitate dialogue, reflection, and personal and communal growth. If you would like to request additional copies of this resource, please contact Greta David.