For a leader of a religious community, each day offers a new set of challenges. Some of these can be addressed quickly, while others will take time, patience, and more than a little bit of prayer. Sometimes we might thrive on tackling issues. At other times, we may find it close to overwhelming. The latter is especially true when we think that we are alone.

And yet, we are not. If we take a co-responsible approach to leadership, then we can be joined by others in dealing with the various challenges that arise in religious leadership. We are not alone in two ways. First, we are part of a community and have others who collaborate with us in leadership. Second, and more importantly, Christ is with us. We are doing his mission, not our own. He provides us and those around us with the charisms, gifts, and talents that are needed to handle whatever we must.

As we approach our first in-person National Assembly since 2019, we look forward to the opportunity to come together around the theme, “One in the Mission of Christ: Co-Responsibility in Religious Leadership.” We hope to see you in Buffalo or online. Together, we will share fruitful ways in which we can live co-responsible leadership of our religious communities. Even if you cannot join us in Buffalo or online, we hope that you will help us continue this conversation at our regional meetings this fall.

Thank you for accepting the call to leadership in your community. We are here to support you in any way that we can.

In prayerful solidarity,

Frank Donio, SAC, Executive Director


This is an excerpt from the July Items of Note. Items of Note is a monthly email for CMSM members and partners. If you are not receiving Items of Note once a month via email, please email