We invite members of CMSM to send us names of members who have passed or are suffering with COVID-19. For privacy reasons, we will include only the first name and initials, unless you confirm the information is public. You also may submit a more general intention, such as, “Members of __ Province,” if you prefer. Blessed Mother, Protector of Religious, pray for us.

Submit Prayer Request
Please Pray for these Religious Suffering from COVID-19

For privacy, first names and post-ordinal initials only will be published, unless the last name/connection with COVID already is public or permission is given.
Deceased are denoted by a + before the name.

+ Most Reverend Emilio S. Allué, SDB
+ Br. Robert Andrews, FMS
Fr. Vincent D. Bui, PSS
+ Fr. Rich Colgan, CSP + additional Paulists (ill)
+ Fr. Gerald Dolan, OFM
+ Br. John Sebastian Laird-Hammond, OFM
Fr. Frank Martin Hull, SSJ
+ Fr. Arcangelo Manzi, O. de M.
+ Maryknoll (deceased/ill)
Fr. Joseph John McKinley, SSJ
+ Redemptorist Fathers (Houston, TX – deceased/ill)
+ Society of Jesus (deceased/ill)

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