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Welcome to the website of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) Very Rev. Brian Terry, SA CMSM President

Very Rev. Brian Terry, SA


CMSM serves the leadership of the Catholic orders and congregations of the 12,000 religious priests and over 4,000 vowed brothers of the United States, ten percent of whom are foreign missionaries. CMSM provides a voice for these communities in U.S. church and society. CMSM also collaborates with the U.S. bishops and other key groups and organizations that serve church and society.

----OCTOBER 17, 2016

Rome Conference Webinar #3: Nonviolence and Just Peace - Moving Beyond War
"Building off the previous webinar on experiences of nonviolence in violent conflict zones and Jesus' way of nonviolence, this webinar, on Tuesday, October 25 from 10-11 a.m. ET, will address the developments in theological reflection and praxis of just peace and how this builds on the scriptures and trajectory of Catholic social thought. How would a turn to just peace impact our moral analysis of conflicts, practices, and engagement with the broader society, including policy makers? What could be the role of the Church in moving beyond the notion of justified war? *Sponsored by the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative." --Eli McCarthy, CMSM JP Director

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'Pope Francis' Election Guide

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Child and Youth Protection

Since 2003, CMSM provides programs for its members concerning child protection, reporting and investigating allegations, prevention, response, accreditation, and supervision.

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Media Releases and Statements

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Media Release: End the Bed Quota on Detention of Immigrants - 5-08-2014


Media Release: Call for Restorative Justice Not the Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - 2-19-2014


Religious Leaders' Offer Civil Disobedience to Expose Unjust Immigration Laws- 10-23-2013
   Media Release


CMSM Statement on the Response to the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria- 09-06-2013 (202 kb; PDF)
    Media Release- 09-06-2013 (209 kb; PDF)


CMSM 2013 Assembly Media Release- 08-12-2013 (218 kb; PDF)


CMSM Assembly Statement: Instruments of Hope and Healing- 08-10-2013 (444 kb; PDF)


CMSM Statement on Armed Drones- 05-30-2013 (83 kb; PDF)
    Media Release- 05-30-2013 (132 kb; PDF)


CMSM Media Release - Five-Point Plan to Promote Vocation of the Religious Brother- 05-29-2013 (PDF; 248 kb)


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